​Driver license

Driver license

If you live in Denmark and want to drive car in Denmark, you need a danish drivers license.

​Choose Green driving school. I drive after 4 pm regular days and weekends.

News 2023 driving license in: Odense 

0-1 no teams start date.

** 2-3 People + 500 kr

** 4+5 People ​

First I make a team start date when you contact me with 2 or more students!

Driver license  (new / first time)

Money payable to Green Driving School Odense or Haarby:

1.rate = 6000, - Paid   ( theory time no. 2)

2.rate = ​5000.- + sample fee 1000.- = 6000.- (theory time no. 4)

3.rate = 5500.- (theory time no. 7)

Paid on Reg. 5391 kontonummer. 0000248476. ​Write your name and rate. (1,2 or 3)​

or mobilepay 40039

Contact me and get a welcome letter on mail: leanderk@live.dk

If you dump/fails a driving test or need extra driving lessons

Driving Lessons in traffic (45 min)  ​600,- DKK

Loans of School Wagon + Interpreter to the practical examination in Odense  1800,- DKK ( Interpreter must be used if you have passed the theory test in different languages than Danish. )​