​Exchange you licens to Danish

If you already have a driver's license and if your license is from outside the EU, Iceland , Norway or Liechtenstein, you need to exchanged it for a Danish drivers license.

Exchange you licens to Danish:

In Odense and Haarby

0. ​Prepare the authorization. read: You have to bring: scroll down more

1. You must pass a theory test in Danish rules. (in English language) I have teaching matrialler that can help you.

2. You must pass a driving test.

Exchange offer/ Restoration of license (Generhvervelse af kørekort) 4500,- DKK​

2 x Info/theory lessons

You get theory book in english, 1 x theory test systems, driving test plan with advice and green advice ( 1800.-)

1 x Booking of teory test in English. (350.-)

2 x Driving lessons in traffic (1000.-)

1 x Booking of Drivning test. (350.-)

1 x Loans of school wagon + Interpreter to the practical examination (1700.-)​

Total 4500 kr.

Police Test fee is not included in this offer. 0.- 280,- DKK​ - 890.- DKK

Driving license issued in an EU country, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein

If you have a drivers license from an EU country or from Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein, you can use it in Denmark. If it is valid for more than 15 years, you can use it in Denmark for two years. After that you would have to trade it for a Danish drivers license.

If you live in Denmark, you can always choose to exchange your license for a Danish drivers license - without taking the driving examination. Conditions: You live in Denmark, if you are registered with the Danish address in the National Register and stay in Denmark for at least 185 days a year.

When you exchange your license for a Danish drivers license, you basically have no medical certificate. You only need to have the medical certificate if your license is valid for a shorter period than is normal in the country where it was issued.

Licences issued in Australian Capitol Territory , Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia , Switzerland and Ukraine

​If your license is from Australia Capitol Territory, Brazil, Japan, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Switzerland or Ukraine you can also exchange it to a Danish drivers license without having to pass a driving examination. But you need to take a medical certificate issued by your own physician to the CitizenService (BorgerService).

You will have your foreign drivers license back

If you exchange your foreign drivers license for a Danish drivers license, your foreign license deposited with the National Police. If you're looking at some point to return to the country where your foreign license is issued, you can get it back again.


You must appear in person in Odense CitizenService. Remember to bring your swapped Danish driving license.​

Borgerservice i Borgernes Hus

Østre Stationsvej 15

5000 Odense C

Tel. 6551 8000

What to bring?

  • Your original driving license, passport or travel document
  • A photo
  • Social Security Card
  • 280,00 kr

​Maybe must have a medical certificate from your doctor. Tell him it's for a driver's license. Remember passport photo. But first take over to citizen service.

I've spent half an hour to help you on your question.


Leander Kokspang​